Welcome to the 6NX0 Club!


This is the landing page for websites that are in the NNNNNN.xyz form, and contain the string 0000, 00000, or 000000 in the domain.


During 2017, .XYZ introduced the 1.111B class domains. This is essentially a rule which makes any domain between 000000.xyz and 999999999.xyz cost only $1/yr. This is a big deal, because it makes them the cheapest ongoing domains, and allows users to register any domain in this range for decades at the cost of a single year (in some cases). These domains are incredibly useful for making static IP addresses for servers, and testing various stuff really cheap. However, this also comes with the cost of scarcity, and the introduction of value.


Since NNNNNN.xyz domains (or 6Ns) are the shortest, they are the most valuable.

Of this section, full repeating numbers (or 6Xs, ex: 000000.xyz) are the most valuable, with only 10 in existence.

The next level of value are the 5Xs (ex: 100000.xyz), which introduce a new level of categorization: first class and second class. First class are in the form YXXXXX.xyz, and second class are in the form XXXXXY.xyz.

The final level, the 4Xs (ex: 100002.xyz), are the lowest in value, and are categorized into three subclasses: first class, second class, and third class. Those are YZXXXX.xyz, XXXXYZ.xyz, and YXXXXZ.xyz respectively. The most valuable repeating number is 0, the highest value subclass is first class, and in 4Xs, Y=Z (ex: 100001.xyz) is the most valuable.

Can I join?

Sure! It's really cheap. Literally $1/yr! But, you may get the lowest ranking domains, with a 4X\0 (4X domain without all 0s). If you can, try to get a first class 4X, as those will likely remain available. Here are the Xs rated from best to worst: 0, 8, 9, 6, 1, 2, 3, 7, 5, 4. Try to wait until a 4X0 is available, so you can join 6NX0... or maybe a first class 4X8 or 4X9 to join in general.

Get Your Club Stamp

Here's how to use the code on your website and join the 6NX0 club:

  1. Copy the code snippet below and add it to the end of your website's HTML:

    <script src="https://500009.xyz/stamp.js"></script>
  2. Place the following code where you want to display the club stamp on your website:

    <div id="image-container-6NX0"></div>

By following these steps, your website will display the appropriate image based on your URL.